The healthiest indoor air!

Ventilate vertically instead of horizontally

refreshed each hour

best indoor air quality

ventilate vertically through the floor

extraction of used air through the ceiling

evenly distributed air

most silent ventilation system

0 ug/m3

max. 100 ppm with respect to outside air

Goflow Technology

Bring outside inside!

People prefer to live and work in fresh outside air all day long because it is more pleasant, healthier, and promotes concentration. It makes sense since outdoor air is generally cleaner and safer than indoor air. High indoor air quality can only be achieved by replacing the existing air with clean outdoor air. For that reason, Goflow Technology’s mission is to “bring outside inside”. To achieve this mission, a revolutionary ventilation system has been developed which is quite simple in essence but works completely differently than regular systems.

Traditional ventilation

Traditional ventilation systems move the indoor air horizontally through a room, all existing buildings with window or ceiling ventilation grids work according to this principle. Due to this, indoor air pollution is transported through the whole space and therefore presents an unnecessary risk. Besides, these inlet and outlet grids have a limited capacity, which often results in high air velocities that cause turbulence. Due to this turbulence, more ventilation is required than strictly necessary to achieve the minimum air quality levels. Next to that buildings often only meet the minimum ventilation requirements of the Dutch building regulations, these ventilation requirements are usually not sufficient to provide adequate air quality. Partially for these reasons, horizontal ventilation is not desirable.

Vertical and laminar flow

The GoFlow system blows filtered air from outside through a special ventilating floor that contains hundreds of small holes which let filtered outside air into the room in a laminar flow. With this method, the existing indoor air is pushed directly to the ceiling and prevents turbulence and dispersion of polluted air. The ‘used’ indoor air is removed in the same way over the entire ceiling. Pollution that arises in the room goes through the shortest way outside and poses no risk to humans and animals anymore. Also, each floor part can be adjusted separately from the other, so a homogeneous airflow can be realized over the entire room. This makes our system quieter and cleaner than other ventilation systems, so you only breathe healthy, filtered 'outside' air inside.

Complete solution

The Goflow system consists of 4 elements

  1. A suspended floor system with adjustable airflow, which allows a laminar airflow due to permanent overpressure.
  2. A suspended ceiling that that permits a permanent negative pressure.
  3. A modular air handling unit that efficiently blows clean air under the floor and discharges it through the ceiling. The air handling unit is equipped with a heat exchanger, preheater and a HEPA filter system.
  4. A sensor which objectively monitors the indoor environment for CO2, temperature, fine dust, volatile organic compounds, humidity, light and noise.

Real-time insight into climate data

Each room is equipped with a Goflow tag, by scanning this QR code you can see the Awair climate data from the Goflow area you currently in. Via this system, you can always check the air quality at that moment and the days before.

The supplied air quality sensor from Awair objectively measures the five most important factors of air quality: fine dust (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO2, humidity, and temperature. These elements can affect your health and well-being in many ways, including respiratory health, sleep, focus, mood, and immunity. A global overview of the air quality is displayed on the sensor device itself, for more detailed information, the QR code can be scanned.

Technical specifications

The GoFlow system efficiently replaces the indoor air 10 to 20 times per hour with pure filtered outdoor air. There is no air circulation or reuse of indoor air. The GoFlow system has an air recovery time of < 20 minutes, which compares to the air recovery time of an operating room. The recovery time indicates how quickly a disturbance (an increase of “bad” particles) compared to the concentration of bad particles while at rest is removed by the system. The more air that is ventilated into a room, the shorter the recovery time will be. 


  • The Goflow Technology system refreshes 2500 m3/h air per 100m2.
  • The Goflow Technology systems filters > 80% of fine dust ePM1 through an F9 HEPA filter.
  • The Goflow Technology system ensures a constant CO2 value which is equal to the CO2 value in the outside air.
  • Thanks to a more stable indoor temperature, the humidity will fluctuate less.

Do you need special specifications? Since our air handling unit has a modular setup, we can create a unit with other types of air filters on request. 


The floortiles are available in different appearances. The base of each floortile consists of birch plywood. To achieve different colours and surface texture there can be chosen for concrete plywood. In addition, a ceramic version is available in different appearances.

Easy to install in every room

Assembling and installing traditional ventilation systems is a complicated process and involves a lot of work. The systems are often very heavy and need to be placed by a crane on a rooftop. The Goflow system offers a practical solution for this, since it is very easy to install in any room due to its modular setup.

The air handling unit is consists of eight elements, each of which can be lifted by two people and can therefore be placed in any imaginable space. The ceiling panales  are 60 x 60 cm and fit in the regular suspended ceiling setup. The floor panels have the same size and can be can be cut to size to fill every conceivable corner.

With a total of four installers, a Goflow system can be installed in an average size office space within a day. Due to this flexibility, simplicity and modularity is the Goflow system ideal for old and new buildings, which are in need for better indoor air quality.


Goflow is for everybody

Businesses, Schools & Cultural institutions
By maintaining a clean and healthy indoor climate, people will maintain their concentration for a longer time and perform better. For this reason, the Goflow system is ideal for classrooms, gyms, catering establishments and open-plan offices with a minimum surface area of ​​50 square meters.

Healthcare facilities
The chance of spreading pathogens is greatly reduced due to the vertically ventilating Goflow system. For this reason, the Goflow system is extremely suitable for vulnerable people in healthcare.

The Goflow system is suitable for industrial applications, such as keeping server rooms and workshops clean and dust-free.

For a sustainable future

Goflow stands for a better and healthier climate, both indoors and outdoors. Goflow’s goal is to make the whole system as sustainable as possible, wherein materials manufactured of fossil fuel will be minimised and we encouraging the reuse of materials in our own system. For this reason, Goflow uses as many sustainable materials as possible. The entire floor- and ceilingsystem and the air handling unit are made from 70% sustainable proccessed birch wood with an FSC and PEFC quality mark. The ceramic tiles are manufactured by Mosa, which are Cradle to Cradle certified. In this way we can make a positive contribution to our society, our economy and our planet.


Become a partner

Franchise formula for production and distribution partners

The faster GoFlow systems are installed worldwide, the more people live and work in a healthier environment. To realize this, we encourage organizations to manufacture and distribute the GoFlow system under license as a franchisee. GoFlow offers a franchise contract with which partners will have access to technical product specifications, corporate identity and marketing communications, brand, copyright, model and patent protection, and worldwide purchasing advantages. Also, the franchisee knows that it is the first to obtain the innovative developments of the GoFlow product range.

Intellectual property

GoFlow’s intellectual property is protected by patent, trademark, design, and copyright. It is GoFlow’s mission, vision, and ambition to share this intellectual property across the world as much as possible with franchisees and partners who want to contribute to a cleaner and healthier world. The partners can be governments, companies, or institutions from small to large if they follow the Goflow philosophy.

Goflow in the news


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